Relationships: Keep Your Relationship Sparkling!

by WiseMonkey Reporter February 22, 2019 at 8:31am

So yesterday I was going through my Instagram feed and came across a really funny meme. It read: “The way these days relationships are crushing fast, people should start celebrating one-week anniversary! Funny, right? This meme, however, hilarious as may it seem, it’s kind of true to some of us. We all have successful and unsuccessful relationships. Others have never been to a relationship but don’t you worry. You will get there.

I feel like there is lot of learning to be done on relationships. Hell, am even scared of marriages. If you are planning to settle with your partner, look into their strengths, not weaknesses. Are you able to put up with their weaknesses for the rest of your life? If not, walk way. It is sweet to feel loved. To be cared for. To have that one person that has got your back so bad that you are not afraid of this roller-coaster called life. But this also comes with the sacrifices. The fact that we were all raised differently means that each of us will have habits that are annoying. What matters is that you stick together as two imperfect persons to make the best out of each other.

There is this popular opinion that relationships get boring with time. You feel the no need to please or rather impress each other as that used to feeling creeps in. But that should not be the case. Your relationship is supposed to be an interesting unsolvable puzzle that both partners are addicted to. Here are some of the tips to keep your relationship alive.


Some distance apart helps

Do not suffocate one another. There is this nagging need to be around one another and its totally understandable if you are addicted to it. It is important to sometime spend time apart. If you are that couple that co-habits you can choose some days or weekends to spend with friends or family. Spending some time off from your partner helps them realize how much value and happiness you bring into their lives and appreciate you more.


You can never go wrong with surprises!

When I say surprise your partner, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend much cash to show your loved one how you feel about them. Dress in way he/she has never seen you, cook a meal he/she is always craving, do a crazy thing together. Do not be that person your partner thinks they got you all figured out. Surprise him/her!


Exploit their strengths- not weaknesses

Dating someone for sometime makes you realize what they are good at and their weaknesses. Be that partner that supports instead of crushing. Giving one a chance to date you means that this is someone you would potentially build a life with. Life comes with a lot of surprises. You might be in a relationship that clearly shows it will not last only for things to turn out differently. So, if you plan to support you partner, be the best supporter there ever was. After all, radiating good energy comes with positive effects to your side too.

There is the two of you and then there is you. Self-Love always!

Sometimes we get into relationships that we feel we should compromise for reasons such as the feeling that you mate is superior in one way or another-that should not be the case. A healthy relationship should allow you to realize yourself even more and be at peace with as you build each other. Do not loose yourselves in a relationship. The more each of you are aware of themselves, the healthier the relationship.


The past is past!

Every relationship has their ups and downs. There is this thing that your partner may have done and it somehow re-surfaces every time you have a small argument. Avoid it. It hurts the most when the people that are supposed to make you feel loved wrong you. A constant reminder that we are human and subject to mistakes. Forgive and move on. If you cannot forgive, you are better off alone. Relationships sparkle because people choose to cherish the best of their times and the urge to create more together.





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