Tips for Writing an Exceptional Resume

by Wise Monkey Reporter January 28, 2019 at 6:40am


A resume is supposed to get you an Interview. Not a job. So, when you are drafting that resume, picture how good it is supposed to be for the employer to invite you for an interview. Keep in mind there are hundreds of you applying for that same job. How much time does an employer spend looking at your resume? Fifteen minutes? Five minutes? One-minute,? Thirty seconds? Being qualified for a job is one thing and the ability to pitch for your awesomeness at what you do via paper is a whole different affair. So how do you get your resume picked?

Analyze the job description

Read and re-read the job description. Pay attention to the job title, the duties and responsibilities, the job requirements and the job location. Mark the keywords that are used and make a list of the same.


You have now listed all the keywords and phrases. Use them to show the employer you are exactly what they need. You want to position your resume to solve the pain points of the organization. A startup will have different needs from a long-established company. Use the keywords to show how the experience and skill you have can solve their problems and add value.

 Summary Section

This should appear at the very top of your resume. Think of it as the ‘elevator pitch’ of your suitability for the job. What you would say to an employer if you would meet her/him in an elevator and had less than a minute to present your case. Focus on:

  • What solution are you bringing-This is basically your experience and the ability to use it to deliver results.
  • The skills that best align with your roles and responsibilities.
  • Value proposition-What are your other top-notch values/skills do you have and how are they of any value to the organization?



Use your space wisely by placing upfront the most impressive things for the role you want. You do not have to stick to the resume with education first, work experience second followed by other skills. The less experienced young people can start with impressive school statistics while the most experienced people may want to place their most successful engagements first.


Your resume should be at most two pages. Time is of essence to everyone. So, the easier you make it for the employer to grasp what it is you want to say the better. Include only what is relevant for the job position you are applying for.


     How well do you present your resume to look neat and create the desire for the employer to read. How well you present you resume can also give the employer insights into your general organization and presentation skills.


State your referrers followed by the position they hold, the role they hold in your career journey. For example, your supervisor might also be your mentor or career development partner and their contact. The contact should be a valid telephone number and a valid email address.

For Example:

Mark Blank

The Principal



Phone: 07xx xxx xxx

Relationship: Mentor and Current supervisor.







Electrical Engineer Intern

Nairobi Internship

Job category: Engineering

Civil Engineering Intern

Nairobi Internship

Job category: Engineering, Graduate

Beauty Therapy Assistant Trainer

Nairobi Full Time

Job category: Administrative/Secretarial, Vacancies