Stuff  Nobody Will Tell You After You Graduate.

by WiseMonkey Reporter March 7, 2019 at 6:58am

College life is fun-sometimes a fun mess. You get to wear PJ’s  99 percent of the time, no parental curfews, the no need to worry about how you are going to sort your bills and so forth. College life is way different from the real life out there. Here are some facts nobody tells you after you graduate.

The job market sucks.

Whether you graduate with top notch grades or did a course that is considered very marketable, the job market can really suck. Be flexible about the options you can consider in case things get really rough. Do not limit your job search to only what you learnt in college.

Success is relative.

After you are done with your graduation, success to you will look like getting a well-paying job, driving a nice car, a good apartment and so forth. But you realize as you move on with the after-college life, success will be redefined differently. The things that you so much valued to have will seem of not so much value to you.

You are not alone.

You might have such a hard time searching for a job that you think it’s the end of the World. Do not give up and neither should you feel like life is unfair to you only. There are so many of you trying to keep theirs together or even going through the very worst. Ever seen someone sharing their struggles on social media? Very rare. Right? Trust the process.

You dramatically underestimated how expensive it is to be a person in this world.

College life is fun because we do not have to worry about bills. Our parents got us sorted for the ones that are lucky to have supportive parents. Once out of school, you are faced with all types of bills. This is not going to be easy. Taking care of yourself with a job that barely gives you enough cash to survive through the month means you really will have to up your budgeting skills. The good thing is that it always gets better.

Time speeds up to an almost terrifying rate

Time after college can move really fast. That much is evident. It is important that you seize everyday to get closer to where you want to be. Set a goal to send a given number of applications every day. If white collar jobs are hard to come by, get creative. Start a small business, partner with your friend on a micro-project. The important thing is to create the very best out of the situation you are in.

When it comes to landing a job, what you majored in doesn’t matter at all.

Do not be choosy about searching for a job that matches what you majored in college. It can be quite disappointing. You can land a job that is in no way related to what you studied in college. Be flexible on the different roles you could start with as you redefine your career path. Interestingly, you might come to realize that what you majored in is not really your passion. Be flexible fam. Diversify your mindset. Learn as much as you can.






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