Just Gotten Your First Job? Great! These Tips Will Help You Excel.

by WiseMonkey Reporter April 9, 2019 at 11:07am

Getting a first job is like a dream come true, especially if you have hustled for one without luck for a long time. A new job marks a fresh start to one’s life and an opener to endless opportunities in the job industry. As you brace yourself to exemplary performance at your job, these tips will help you to get better at your work and create good relationship with your co-workers.

Be open minded-learn as much as you can.

Do not confine yourself only in the roles and responsibilities in your job description. If you find yourself free during office hours, try learning what other employees do. They do not have to be in your department. It’s a good way to network and also make career development friends. Also, train yourself to be an employee that people feel free to approach. Volunteer in these small organization tasks such as taking minutes of a meeting.

Avoid too much disclosure of your private life.

Avoid too much talk with your colleagues about your private life. It is okay to make workplace friends and also be a bit reserved in what you choose to share. Too much personal life talks can easily erode respect and professionalism from your colleagues.

Just get the job done.

Avoid excuses and respect another people’s time. If you work in an organization where there is a lot of interchange of reports and other documents to get work done, do not be one of those employees who has an excuse every time they are required to pass a report to another. Teach yourself to plan tasks that you should prioritize first the tasks that you need to do to facilitate others to do their job.

Do not gripe about work at work.

Unless you are a wine taster, your job will prove to be stressful at times. Do not complain about your work while on the job. Try confiding with your friend from home and sharing experiences on the same. Ever had a talk with someone about something you experienced at work that was super stressful only for a friend to share their experience which is even worse? Yes! Talk it out with your close personal and encourage one another.

Seek constructive criticism

Constructive criticism will help you to drive your ambitions and enable growth. Often, we are afraid to ask for feedback because we fear we might receive negative feedback. Feedback is a key step towards acing your skills in your job.


If you are in an organization where it takes teamwork to get the job done, embrace it and be an active team member. Use teamwork as a platform to develop skills such as communication, collaboration and confidence building.

Ask for help.

This one goes a long way, believe me. When you do not know how to approach the assigned task, ask for clarification rather than spending a lot of time doing the wrong thing. It is okay to ask about an issue that people may think you have all figured out. Experts were once beginners.

Do not quit too soon, and if you do, avoid burning bridges.

In a case where after 2-3 months you get a job with a better deal, quit but do it in a professional manner without the need to burn bridges. Your next employer might at one point need to contact your former employer so if you did not leave a good impression, it might cost you a job. If you feel your job is becoming too stressful for you to handle, try changing up these a little bit to make your work environment a bit

Do not just go to work for the sake of it. Go to work, learn, be super-efficient at work you do. Be indispensable. Seek growth. Seek excellence.











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