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The Journey of Life-These Tips Will Help You Stay True to Yourself

by WiseMonkey Reporter January 31, 2019 at 9:03am


Sometimes I just sit and think. What really am I doing with my life? Can I really substantiate my past years and actually show something solid I can present to the World and say this is what have been working on?

I feel down and totally way behind my life plan. There are people out there younger than me who have achieved so much. So many of them.

But someone once said “comparison is a thief of joy”

Apart from all these material staff that we would all like to sit and wail about how hard we have failed to acquire by now, you might just be wowed by how much personal growth you have achieved. Think of some of the bad habits you have been able to quit, your increased ability to make better, more informed decisions, more fulfilled relationships with friends and family, happiness, self-love. There is always so much more that we always overlook…. so much more.

So here are a few tips to help you feel contented with where you are as you work towards where you want to be. Not everything works for everyone, but hey …would it hurt to try?


1.Gratitude is gold!

Teach yourself to appreciate what you have. You can create a gratitude board or have a gratitude journal where you list all the things you are grateful for every day. You will be surprised by the list of things you have been subconsciously overlooking. Also, you become aware of other people that are less fortunate than you which creates a deeper appreciation for what you do have.

 2 . Be gentler with yourself

 Appreciate yourself more often. There are things that we say to ourselves that cause us a lot of emotional harm. Things like “am too skinny “, “am too fat”, “I would never achieve that no matter how hard I tried” and so much more. Positive affirmations should start with you. When you appreciate yourself more, you start to discover your inner strengths. Radiate positive energy to people around you and see how things can really take a different turn.

 3. Embrace how unique and different you are.

“No one is you and that is your power”. Still, most of us tend to copy others, so we conform to a pattern because we believe we are not good enough just as we are. Continuously comparing ourselves with others will never make us feel fulfilled and be at peace with ourselves. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. There are things that you can do amazingly well. Those are the strengths you should tap on as you deal with your weaknesses. Be at peace with who you are as you learn on how to make yourself better. Do yoga, meditate, just feel awesome in your own skin. It’s the only place you have to live in.

4. Acknowledge the past, but move on.

We all have a past. We cannot forget our past but we sure can live past it. Focusing on past events will leave you unhappy and distracted. If it is already in the past it means that it is no longer important. If you are really determined about moving on, first recognize that the past happened. Understand that it is the past and it doesn’t have to define you. You get to choose who you are today, and you can leave the past in the past.

 5. Reflect on your day at night

Reflecting on how your day has been can really help you highlight a situation or event you really did great and cheer you up for the next day. You also get to bring to attention any mistakes you might have done. This will help you not to repeat the same again. Reflection is continuous questioning and learning. You become more organized and mindfully move through your day. You will be able to achieve more at the end of the day.


6.Live in the Present

We all have a life plan or rather the things we really hope to achieve within a given period of time. The lapse of every single day is a daily reminder of how hard one is failing to reach their targets. What is important is how you seize everyday to make it count. Stressing over the future will just bring you stress and lack of contentment on where you are now.




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