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Advertisement of Temporary Positions For the 2019 Kenya Population & Housing census.

by WiseMonkey Reporter June 11, 2019 at 11:04am

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics(KNBS) is a state corporation established under the Statistics Act(2006).It is the Principal Government Agency responsible for the collection,compilation,analysis,publication and dissemination of official statistical information and its custody.It also oversees the coordination,supervision and development of Programmes with the National Statistical System.

The Government of Kenya through KNBS will be conducting the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census in August,2019 and wishes to invite applications from qualified individuals to fill the fillowing Temporary Positions.

Job Title: ICT Supervisors.

Ref: KNBS/KPHC/ICTS/1/2019

No. of Posts: 2,700(To be distributed in all counties)

Gross Remuneration:: Ksh 3,000 per day.Total Ksh 3,000 per day-Total Kshs 90,000(Taxable)

Job Purpose:

Reporting to the County Statistics Officer(CSO), the job  holder will be responsible for undertaking census activities before,during and after remuneration exercise.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Training Content Supervisors and ensuring the Enumerators are adequately trained.
  • Working with content supervisors to ensure that census enumeration starts at the agreed time in the assigned supervision areas.
  • Carrying extra census equipment/materials to be given to the Content supervisors for emergencies.
  • Providing technical support on ICT issues to Content Supervisors and Enumerators in their area of Supervision.
  • Any other duties may be assigned by the  cso.

Requirements for Appointment;

  • Must be Kenyan Citizen eighteen(18) years and above:
  • Must be a resident of the sub-county where they will be assigned to work.
  • Must have at least a Diploma certificate in Information Communication Technology or any other relevant qualification related to Information Technology(IT) from a recognized institution.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must have good leadership skills.
  • Must be available for an uninterrupted period of at least twenty three(23) days from 12th August to 2nd September 2019.

Job Title:Content Supervisor

  • Ref: KNBS/KPHC/CS/2/2019
  • No.of Posts: 27,000(To be distributed in all counties)
  • Terms of Employment: Fixed Term Contract for a period of 23 days.
  • Gross Remuneration: Ksh 25,00 per day -Total 57,500 (Taxable)

Job Purpose:

Reporting to County Statistics Officer(CSO),the job holder will be responsible for the census activities before,during and after enumeration exercise.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Training all the enumerators under their supervision.
  • Ensuring that all material sand equipment required(mobile devices and accessories) for training for the Enumerators and enumeration areas under their supervision area are in one place.
  • Assigning enumeration areas to the enumeration under their supervision.
  • Liasing with the Village Elder,Assistant Chief or Chief to identify all the special population groups,i.e in institutions,hotels/lodges,travelers,out-door sleepers,among others in the supervision.
  • Undertaking census enumeration in the re-sampled households.
  • Keeping a register of Enumerators who are assigned to work under them.
  • Ensuring that everybody in the supervision area has been enumerated.
  • Submitting all requirement/questionnaires to the CSO.
  • Any other duties as  may be required by the CSO.

Requirements for Appointment;

  • Must be a Kenyan Citizen eighteen years and above.
  • Must be residents of the location where they will be assigned work in.
  • Be conversant with the local language/dialect in the area they will be working.
  • Must have at least a Diploma Certificate in any field.
  • Must possess good communication skills and demonstrate ability to work in teams.
  • Must have leadership skills.
  • Must be available for an uninterrupted period of at least twenty three days from 12th August to 2nd September,2019.


  • Ref: KNBS/EN/3/2019
  • No.of.Posts: 135,000
  • Terms of Employment:Fixed term contract p[period of 16 days.
  • Gross Remuneration: Ksh 1500 per day.-Total Kshs 23,000(Taxable)

Job Purpose:

Reporting to the Content Supervisor,the Enumerator will be responsible for enumeration during the Census.

Key responsibilities:

  • Identify boundaries for-enumeration areas locating all structures and visiting every household to list all the usual members in all EA assigned to them before the enumeration exercise.
  • Ensuring  that  all the  necessary equipment/materials to  be  used for enumeration are  available to  them before the  exercise commences
  • Forwarding all equipment and questionnaires (used and  unused), maps, notebooks and  any other materials as directed to the  Con- tent  Supervisor after the  enumeration exercise.
  • Undertaking any other duties as may be assigned by the  CSO.
    • Administering all questions and  recording responses on all persons who  will have  spent the  night  of 24th/25th August 2019 in each of the  households in the  assigned Enumeration Area.
    • Obtaining complete and  accurate answers and  capturing them correctly  during  the  enumeration exercise;
    •  Undertaking any other duties as may be assigned by the  CSO.


Requirements for Appointment

  • Must be a Kenyan  Citizen, eighteen (18) years  and  above;
  • Must be a resident of the  enumeration area  or neighboring enumeration area  they  will be assigned to work in;
  •    Be conversant with the  local language/dialect;
  • Must be Computer literate or be able  to use  smart phones;
  • v. Must have  at least  form four (4)  level of education with a minimum of K.C.S.E grade of C (plain) or its equivalent qualification;
  • Must be available for at least  uninterruptible period of sixteen (16) days from 15th  to 31st  August,  2019.



All applicants are required to write a cover letter  addressed to relevant “County Statistics  Officer” indicating clearly the  position being  applied for (stating the  reference number) and  details of ID Number, Academic qualification, County,  Sub-County, Division, Location,  Sub-Location, and  Village/Estate of residence.

Attach copies of National Identity  card, Academic certificates and  other relevant certificates. Each of the  applicant must have  either an active Bank Account  or a Telephone Number registered in his/her name through which  payment will be made at the  end  of the  exercise. (Taxation in accordance with prevailing  tax regulations shall apply in every payment).

For all cadres of personnel, applications should be submitted by 24th  June 2019 in the  following  offices;

  1. ICT Supervisors: To be submitted to the  respective County  Statistics  Offices;
  2. Content  Supervisors: To be submitted to the  Chiefs’ office;
  3. Enumerators: To be submitted to the  Assistant  Chiefs’ office.

All applicants upon submission of applications should register their  details on  the  Applicant’s  Summary Form and  on  the  Register  and  are advised to take  note of the  serial number for any future  reference.





Call Center Officer

Nairobi Full Time

Job category: Customer Service, Vacancies

Finance Assistant

Full Time

Job category: Accounting and Finance, Vacancies

Marketing Officer

Nairobi Full Time

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